Hi, I’m Hank!

Ever since I first got my hands on my older brother’s camera when I was 12 I’ve been in love with photography. I’m a passionate visual storyteller, and I pride myself on telling an emotionally compelling story full of life and character. I want to tell your story in a way that lets you relive a moment again and again.

My favorite thing about my shoots is connecting with you and seeing your face light up when I show you the back of my camera. Or the rush of adrenaline when everything lines up and we get “the shot”.

When I’m able to tell your story in a way that lets you feel that moment in time again - it's very special to me.

Nothing I do is cookie cutter, everything is geared to you and I spend a lot of time getting you comfortable with me and being in front the camera! Maybe it's going out for lunch before our shoot or just chatting about how you met. I love to spend time getting to know you, hearing your stories and I use that to personalize your experience with me!

But before I get to know you, here’s a few fun facts about me!

-I was on the ski jumping team at my high school       

-When I was 7 I sang in front of 400 people in Cancun, Mexico

-I have a Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for my volunteer work in DC, given to me by President Obama    

-I’m currently working on my second photography book, “All The Towns In Between,” which is a dive into small town America, capturing the essence of these places before they are forgotten

I'd love to work with you

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